Picking up

Quick tips for picking up product at Vern’s. 

drive up

Drive-up Window!

                        Pull up to the window to order

                        Place your order

                        Pull forward to stop sign

                        We will load your truck or trailer

Pull forward to tarp

 Pull Forward to Exit

        Bring a Tarp and shovel

Come back soon!

Just need a little bit? 

Bring in a 5 Gallon Bucket
You can pick up 1/4 yard, 1/2 yard or more


Some Advice

We cannot load enclosed trailers or trucks with camper shells on them

We limit quantity based on weight of product

Weights are per cubic yard and vary based on moisture

Sand ≈ 3,000 lbs
Bark ≈ 700 lbs dry
Mulch & Compost ≈ 800 lbs dry
Topsoil ≈ 1900-2200 lbs
Garden Mix ≈ 1200-1600 lbs
Gravel & Rock ≈ 2600 lbs

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