Other Services

All of our trucks including the grapple truck and the blower truck are available for hire.


The Grapple Truck can move and set those boulders for you.


Vern’s Organic Topsoil is excited to be able to offer the services of our Blower Truck. Now you are able to have that beautiful professionally landscaped barked yard without the hassle of back breaking shoveling, raking and hauling wheelbarrow loads all over your property. Our fir and hemlock bark products have a highly attractive red color that not only brings up your property value and curb appeal, but also helps discourage and block weed growth. With over 150 feet of hose, we can reach just about anywhere to blow in bark into your landscaping. One of the big attractions of our service is how evenly and uniform the job looks immediately after we blow in the product. We also have the ability to blow in our mulch and fine compost, fine playground cedar chips, as well as our 70/30 lawn mix to better serve your individual needs. Feel free to call or text at 360-440-6306, or call Vern’s at 360-779-2764 or email at vernsorganictopsoil@gmail.com for free estimates and/or any questions you may have. Discounts on our pricing are also available. If you have ever had to install bark the old fashioned way with your wheelbarrow, shovel, and rake, you are really going to want to check this out.

Professional Landscapers, have too many jobs to do with the man power you have available? Call us and let us help you out. With the capabilities to blow in over 100 yards of product in a single day (depending on circumstances) we can save you a lot of time and money on your jobs. Give me just one person to help me with a job, and have the rest of your team working at another location! We love to work with our professional landscapers and help out in any way possible.

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Questions about any of these services? Just contact Sam 360-440-6306.

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