Prep Compost

PREP Compost
Northwest gardens and lawns love PREP Compost (Pierce County
Recycled Earth Products), a quality-tested, screened, 100 percent recycled yard
waste compost. It’s guaranteed to be weed seed-free, because a controlled,
natural heat process is used during production. University Place Refuse
distributes PREP in several quantities for your convenience. Unlike other
municipal composts, which may contain sewage sludge and other such products,
PREP compost is made entirely from plant materials–providing you with a rich,
water-retentive compost that’s filled with nutrients and approved for vegetable

Good gardens and green lawns come from good soil. The
accepted standard for a healthy soil to be used in vegetable gardens is a
minimum of five per cent humus in the first 12 inches of soil. One inch of PREP
compost worked into the soil is roughly equal to the five per cent minimum humus
content required. If your soil is rocky, sandy, overly wet or lacking in
nutrients, our compost is exactly what you need.

Use Less Fertilizer
Compost helps gardeners save time and money. Do you get tired of
fertilizing your garden? Do you have questions about the safety and
effectiveness of chemical fertilizers? Use compost–it’s all natural. You can
grown your own “organic” produce rather than purchase it at the store. PREP has
a nutrient content that reduces the amount of additional fertilizer required for
optimum plant nutrition.


PREP is an excellent soil conditioner. For sandy soils, PREP adds
water and nutrient holding capacity. For clay soils, PREP loosens soil and
allows better drainage. After years of gardening, soil can get exhausted and
compacted. Compost reinvigorates the ground by reintroducing organic nutrients.
Whether you’re growing vegetables or watering your lawn, you’ll notice the
difference when you use PREP compost because you’ll see how well it allows water
to absorb into the ground.

High Quality, Safe For Gardens
Many municipal composts are for landscaping uses only. PREP is
different. We only accept organic, vegetative materials for our compost source.
So you won’t find manures, sewage or chemicals added to our compost. Because of
this, our compost is safe for use in vegetable gardens, lawns, landscaping and
flower beds…anywhere you need nutritious soil. PREP is highly stabilized
through the all-natural high-heat (160 degrees F) process known as aerobic (with
air) composting and will not introduce weed seeds into the soil.

Refuse’s compost is made with a quality assurance program. The composting
facility analyzes the product for routine nutrients, metals, and pathogens so we
can always provide you with a high quality, consistent product that works
wonders in your garden.

Rich Nutrients Revitalize Soil
PREP Compost is high in nutrients essential for healthy plants:
calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous. These plant nutrients, as well as
the physical properties (pH, particle size distribution, bulk density and
water-holding capacity)  make PREP superior to bark and peat or peat moss when
used for potting or soil mixes. PREP is superior to the average manure-based
soil enhancers, because it has a wider spectrum of mineral content due to the
broad variety of vegetation used.

Compost is commercially produced locally at the Pierce County Yard Waste Compost
Facility in Purdy. The Purdy facility is a state of the art compost plant, and
has received acclaim throughout the compost industry worldwide for its design,
efficiency and superior product. You can see a slideshow of the fascinating art
of fine compost production at this site.

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